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Brisbane Market Report - 67

Posted on 11 May 2017
Brisbane Market Report - 67

Your local fruit shop owners are on the search for strawberries this week but most other fruit and vegetables are available with popular roasting vegetables the best buys of the week in a firmly priced market.
Onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes and pumpkin are all cheap to reasonably priced, just in time for the cooler weather to be cooked up into a warming dish.
Expect to pay reasonable prices for Asian vegetables, beetroot, broccoli, capsicum, celery and silverbeet.
Glasshouse-grown eggplants, also known as aubergine, look magnificent this week but are firmly priced. You will also pay firm prices for carrots, fennel, leeks, snow peas, squash, sweet corn and mushrooms.
Some kitchen favourites are in short supply and expensive, including beans, cauliflower, parsnips, zucchinis and Mexican asparagus.
In the salad aisle, tomatoes remain at the top of their price range with the larger varieties the best eating.
Avocados are mainly the early season North Queensland hass variety which will remain expensive until more consistent supply arrives from the growing regions.
Lettuce and eshallots are firmly priced and mixed leaf salad and cucumbers are reasonably priced, as are herbs with no shortages at this time of year.
Queensland pineapples are sweet and reasonably priced and are guaranteed to be gobbled up once someone takes the time to cut them up and leave it for the family to try.
Other reasonably priced fruit includes raspberries, pears and citrus such as lemons, limes, Queensland imperial mandarins and new season Queensland navel oranges.
Figs, kiwifruit, honeydew and the final plums of the year are firmly priced.
Some apples, such as export quality pink ladies, are costly but you can find some bargains on the other varieties depending on their size, with the smaller sizes being cheapest.
Expect to pay top dollar for cavendish bananas, rockmelon, watermelon and passionfruit, pawpaw and any strawberries that become available, with reduced supplies in the Brisbane Produce Market this week.
For those looking for something exotic for the fruit platter, it's a great time of year for dragon fruit, soursop, feijoa, nashi fruit, custard apples, pomegranate, persimmons, mangosteen, carambola (starfruit) and quinces.


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